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Of Kenya, a Pandemic and Githeri Media

There is reason why Kenyan media has since lost credibility among a sizeable Kenyan population. Hence acquiring - rightly so - the tag of githeri media. It is basically because of its shallowness and pettiness, and mediocrity. In both 2013 and 2017 general elections this media distinguished itself with an extremely annoying peace rhetoric. The conduct of this media allowed the state to get away with way too much in terms of state brutality against the population, numerous irregularities and injustices related to events surrounding the two general elections.

These days the same media has ganged with the state against the people. Just how disgusting it is to have to live with the media that supports government’s criminalization of Coronavirus disease and punishment of the victims of the virus? What else can go so wrong in society? Especially when a huge population of that society has no access to alternative outlets of information. So, these guys we call journalists around here are busy regurgitating dubious and implausible numbers being thrown around by clueless state bureaucrats. They are shamelessly busy help the state to sustained a narrative that blames the people for flouting government directives. The media men and women do not even have the aptitude to ask the basic of the questions. For example, why are the people behaving in the manner they do?

While we acknowledge the gravity of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is equally true that we have a myriad other similarly important things happening around us to which this media has decided -curiously so - to turn a blind eye on. For instance, floods have killed as many as 7 times the number of Kenyans killed by Coronavirus so far. Government’s response to the floods’ emergency has been pathetic. No media is willing to highlight what became of locusts’ invasion that continue to ravage parts of the country amid credible evidence of a possible second and more damaging wave. No media is willing to dig into the underway illegal takeover and militarization of Nairobi City County by the national government for narrow material ends of Mr. Kenyatta, his family and cronies and the implication of this coup on the country’s democratization attempts. No media is willing to do anything sensible. No man or woman in this Kenyan media can possibly ask this government to tell Kenyans about its post-Covid-19 recovery strategy? No media can expose the contradictions of state officials, for instance, the Magoha and Mutahi assertions on reopening of schools? No man or woman in this media can think? Ask? Speak? Write? None?

The media is busy parroting whatever nonsense Mutahi Kagwe is saying. That is all we can get from the distinguished githeri media at a time of a pandemic to which government’s response has been terrifyingly pathetic. Why shouldn’t we convert media schools in this country into village cattle dips already? This latter would ensure that out cattle benefits from less parasites.

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